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(Hill Slope Development Solutions)

(Bored Pile in Limestone Formation)

(Proposed Design and Build Soil Nailed Caisson Wall)

(Caisson Pile and Footing Foundation Solution on Rock Formation)

(The Proposed Design and Build Cantilever Caisson Wall)

(Strengthening the Existing Slope Terrain with Minimum Disturbance)

(The Proposed Design and Build Retaining System On Existing Cut Slope)

(Construction of "Soft Eye Openings" in Semantan Launch Shaft) 

(Alternative Design with Caisson Pile and Deep Transfer Beam)

(The Proposed Jack-in Square Pile to Speed Up the Work Progress)

(The Proposed Design and Build Foundation on Soil Nailed Slope)

(Sheet Pile Wall to Diaphragm Wall)

(Sheet Pile Wall to Diaphragm Wall)

(Method of construction of hand dug caisson under the existing ceiling height constraint)

(Corner Strutted Wall: Comparing Actual Wall Displacement Against Predicted Results by 3-D Finite Element Analysis Using Plaxis 3D)

(Problems Encountered In Excavation of Large Diameter Hand-Dug Caisson)

(Soil Nail Tied-Back Caisson Pile Wall at Genting Mall)

(Earthwork Excavation and R.C.Works Within Strutted Diaphragm Wall)

(Challenges on Earthwork Excavation and Pilecap RC Works)

(Alternative proposal of Cantilever Diaphragm Wall to replace the Temporary Sheet Pile Shoring System)

(Permanent Soldier Pile Wall with Soil Nail Tie Back)

(The Great Challenges and Solutions on First World Hotel Tower 3&4)

(Additional SI Borehole for Optimisation of Pile Length Design)

(The Challenges and Solutions on New Cable Car System at Genting)

(Bored Pile and Jack-in Spun Pile Foundation)

(The Key Challenges and Solutions on GPO Bridge Construction)

(The Challenges and Solutions on Full Bored Pile Foundation)

(The Alternative Proposal of Caisson Pile in Deep Bedrock Zone)

(Fissure Ground Treatment and Ground Anchor Work at Bandar Malaysia North Station)

(Guide Wall or Diaphragm Wall Construction and Challenges)

(The Proposed Temporary Anchored Soldier Pile Wall and Challenges)

(The Alternative Design of Piling and Retaining Wall and Construction Challenges)

(The Proposed Bored Pile System to expedite overall progress, Design Challenges and Construction Challenges)

(The Proposed Larger Bored Pile to expedite overall progress and Construction Challenges)

(Alternative Design Proposal, Design Challenges, Operation Issue and Construction Difficulties Encountered)

(Alternative Design Proposal & Design Challenges)

(Alternative Design Proposal, Design and Construction Challenges)

(Alternative Design Proposal and Construction Challenges)

(Solutions on Encountered Shale Rock Layer and Liftcore Construction Challenges)

(Alternative Design Proposal and Construction Challenges)

(Construction Challenges on Existing Site filled with Granite Boulders)

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