Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) generally means the commitment of corporate organizations to the social needs that cover community rights, environmental care, workers’ welfare, consumer rights and so on. For example, it is more than just donating money or printing double-sided to save trees, it’s also about contributing to the health and welfare of society, operating efficiently to reduce wastage. In business, we shall not always look at the financial results only, but must be able to sustain and create a company that we want in long term, 10, 20 years or even longer. More importantly, this way of operating should be embedded in the business, rather than an afterthought. Below are the perceptions of Geohan’s CSR that our Managing Director, Mr. Lee Kim Seng would like to emphasize in order to achieve sustainability for the company.

1. Innovation and Cost Saving
Always find opportunity to improve in management, and optimize our engineering design in order to eliminate wastage of resources, such as workforce, construction materials, fuel and etc. Also come out with new products which contributes to the environment. For example, we use caissons for the foundation of the building development on the slope which minimize the disturbances of the slope and environment. We also have developed hydromulching method to spray at bare cut slope to re-grow with grasses and vegetation.

2. To engage employees and business associates
Company’s activities bring the people together. It helps to create better working environment to the people and brings up the awareness of our CSR efforts. These activities also help them to know what is going on within the organization, enhance the engagement and allow them to see opportunities. Since the message of CSR is about ‘good’ things, it is often easier for us to talk to the clients about our products. It is a tool that we can use to communicate in the business society.

3. Brand differentiation
Throughout our long term effort to implement CSR, it enable us to establish special features of our company. The track records will be convincing to the people that our company is responsible, accountable and offer value for money for our services and products. It will also make our employees feel proud to work in this company.








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