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Our Staffs

We emphasized on people-oriented leadership in our management, which we focus on motivating our people by tending to their emotional needs. In line with the implementation of 5S in our organization, we re-organized the work stations to further encourage the interactions and open communications among our people. We believe that people-oriented management will inspire our people to meet our organization goals by helping our people to feel positive and enthusiastic to work with us and to stay positive about their career developments.

Our Workers

To sustain our business, we develop a site safety and environmental safety priority through the implementation of QESH and our in-house safety rules and regulations. We conduct regular meetings and safety monitoring at our project sites to all our workers to increase their safety awareness and to ensure that all safety regulations are complied. Old and young, we want our workers to arrive home safely to enjoy quality moments with their loved ones, just like our Senoyan.

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