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Plaxis 2D

We are using a worldwide well-known finite element software, namely Plaxis, to analyse the retaining wall system and other geotechnical design. It is used to assess the interaction between soil and retaining system and to study the effects of excavation to retaining system (i.e. forces and deflection of wall) as well as to surrounding ground (ground settlement) and adjacent buildings. The software is allowed us to model the actual design system and simulate the construction stages as planned with input of retaining wall type (e.g. concrete pile wall or sheet pile wall), tied-back system (i.e. soil nail, pre-stressed ground anchor and strut), required surcharge, seepage of ground water table, etc.


SLOPE/W from GeoStudio is a modern limit equilibrium software for stability analysis. We are using it to analyse and design for the stability of earth structures and any slope cases. SLOPE/W can be used to analyse the stability of a wedge of soil that has been reinforced with a structural component such as piled wall, pre-stressed ground anchor, soil nailing, geo-fabric or some other material. A phreatic line of ground water table and required surcharge can also be modelled in the analysis.


Beside the geotechnical design software, we also possess SAFE, a finite element structural concrete slab software which is using for modelling, analysis, design, and detailing of concrete slab systems and foundations. For foundation design, it is normally used to analyse and design raft/mat foundation, piled raft foundation and pile cap structural design for lift core wall with imposed moment and combined columns foundation. By using SAFE, a complicated building foundation configuration can be easily designed and more accurate of forces result can be obtained.

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